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Google Cloud Platform allows you to harness the computing power and global reach of Google's infrastructure, allowing you to achieve unprecedented scale, reliability, and savings when you need it most. We've designed and assembled a set of solutions to empower artists and creative professionals on the core workloads critical to your business: cloud content ingestion, graphics rendering, storage and Archiving, transcoding and distributing media for live streaming. Cloud Platform lets you focus on creativity, backed by the same infrastructure as Google's own services.



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Image In Network helps them deliver their projects on time by boosting their 3D / VFX renderfarms and securing their data with Google Cloud Platform.
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 Improved rendering capability with Intel Skylake on Google Cloud Platform

Storage Acceleration and Hybrid Cloud for Post-Production




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Custom cloud solutions

Physical and cloud rendering Avere

Avere Physical and Cloud Rendering Rendering farms and other on-premise multimedia processing are the norm for many creative businesses today. Studios have been investing in talent, tools and infrastructure for decades - investments worth protecting, even as they explore how to increase their creative workflow in the cloud. The diagram above shows a powerful hybrid setup using Google's partner Avere, which allows you to mirror your existing environment in the cloud for compute-intensive workloads like rendering.

Cloud file system rendering

For bursty and long-running rendering tasks, even simple setups can expand your creative pipeline, letting you tap into endless compute and storage capacity when you need it most. Google Cloud Interconnect gives you a private connection to the Google network so that your packets do not have to cross the open Internet. This minimizes latency and increases reliability, requiring fewer hops and creating fewer points of failure. Contact us to find out how Compute Engine and Cloud Storage, combined with a virtual file server in the cloud, can do a short job, even for your most intensive renderings.

Archiving and DR

Nearline, Google's industry-defining archival and disaster recovery product, delivers highly available cold storage with your data instantly available. With response times of around 3 seconds to one cent per GB / month, Nearline offers all the benefits of cold storage with retrieval speeds you would associate with Google. In combination with Google Cloud Interconnect and VPN, you can securely archive your media assets via encrypted connections directly from your home to us.

Multimedia transcoding

With video accounting for over 80% of all internet traffic by 2020, cloud video ingestion and video processing and transcoding are fast becoming key workloads for media companies. For content owners looking for an end-to-end service ranging from content acquisition, ingestion, processing, distribution and multi-device playback, iStreamPlanet is a great managed solution. For businesses that want to do custom transcoding workloads in the cloud, Google has partnered with industry leaders in video transcoding software, most of which can be deployed with one click to Compute Engine.