Terms of use

Article 1 - Presentation

The imageinnetwork.fr site is the property of the image in network S.A.S company domiciled at 3 bis, rue René Cassin, 91300 MASSY.

(Share capital: € 3,750 - Evry B 792 662 637 - APE 2620Z - T.V.A. N ° FR40792662637, SIRET 79266263700026).

These General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter "GTC") apply exclusively to all image in network sales of products or services made on our sites dedicated to professionals to any natural or legal person acting in within the framework of his professional or commercial activity (hereinafter “Client”). All other conditions are binding on image in network only after written confirmation from it.

Any document other than these T & Cs and in particular catalogs, advertisements, price lists, website, notes, is only informative and indicative, non-contractual and may, as such, be modified by image in network without notice. . The mere fact of placing an order or accepting an image in network offer therefore entails the unreserved acceptance of the T & Cs which prevail over all the general conditions of purchase, except with the express, prior and written derogatory agreement of image in network.

The GTC may be modified at any time and without notice by image in network, the modifications then being applicable only to all subsequent orders. The employee, employee, spouse, any member of the family or any other person acting for the Client will represent him and will be deemed to have the mandate required to engage him with image in image in network If one of the clauses or provisions of these GTC were canceled or declared illegal by a final court decision, this nullity or illegality will in no way affect the other clauses and provisions, which will continue to apply.

Article 2 - Order

Orders can be placed online on our professional websites, by e-mail with the sales department, by fax (+33 (0) 1 47 366 917), or by telephone. An order can only be taken into account on the return of our final and readable estimate without manual addition which could modify the total amount, with the mention "Good for Agreement", the name, the signature of the Customer, and the indication the payment method chosen.

For orders placed exclusively on the website, the customer must identify himself using his username and password. In the event of a first order on image in network, the customer must create an account and provide name, first name, postal and e-mail address, billing address and delivery address. This data will be kept in the image in network database, but will not be disclosed to third parties. The customer agrees to certify that this data is valid, and must, if image in network requests it, be able to justify his identity. He must also choose a unique identifier and a password, which will be requested during his next purchases. When you register the order by selecting a payment method, the sale is deemed to be concluded (agreement on the goods and the price).

The order is automatically canceled if you do not enter your bank details or agree to payment on the secure payment site. The order will only be processed after validation of payment by image in network. Orders sent to image in network are irrevocable for the Customer upon validation of payment by image in network. Any request to change the composition or volume of an order placed by a Customer can only be taken into account if the order has not yet been processed by our computer system and if the request is made in writing (email to the following address contact@imageinnetwork.fr to your usual advisor) and confirmed by our services.

In the event that the Customer places an order with image in network, without having paid for the previous order (s), or in the event of late payment or exceeding of outstanding amounts, image in network may refuse to honor the order and deliver the goods concerned, without the Customer being able to claim any compensation.

image in network cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the Customer in the event of force majeure (delay in supply times, unavailability in the face of a breakdown).

French is the only language offered for the conclusion of the contract.

Article 3 - Price

The seller price list does not constitute a sale. It can be modified unilaterally without prior notice. The goods are invoiced at the price agreed when the order is placed, within the limit of the option period (set at 3 days in the case of an estimate) and general economic conditions (taxes, exchange rates, etc.) at the time of delivery. Beyond the option period, it is up to the Customer to get closer to our services in order to establish a new quote.

In the case of products indexed to a currency: any variation of more than 2% to the detriment of image in network, in the price of the currency against the euro defined on the day of the offer, will be reflected on the day of the billing. All prices are net in euros, VAT and all other taxes, transport costs and freight insurance not included, ex warehouse image in image in network Prices are subject to typographical errors. Any tax, duty, duty or other service payable in application of French regulations, or those of an importing country or a transit country are the responsibility of the purchaser. The proposed prices include the discounts and rebates that image in network would be required to grant in view of its results or the assumption by the Customer of certain services. No discount will be granted in the event of early payment. image in network .com does not manage any remainder, except written acceptance on our part.

Article 4 - Payment

Any payment paid to image in network cannot be considered as a deposit.

Unless expressly written special conditions or specific conditions granted to the Customer after studying his file, payments must be made by transfer when ordering, credit card when ordering or upon receipt of the material in cash on delivery by the carrier (the costs of which are payable). charge of the Customer). No cash payment will be accepted.

image in network reserves the right to request a cashier's check from the Client in the event that the sums involved are significant. In the event that image in network accepts payment by bank draft, the Customer must return it accepted and domiciled within eight days; The costs are the responsibility of the Customer, in the absence of return of the accepted draft within the period mentioned, the payment will become immediately due. In the event of a credit note, it can be used for 1 year from the date of its establishment, beyond this period it is neither refundable nor chargeable to an invoice. In the event of payment in installments, expressly accepted by image in network, the non-payment of a single installment at its end will immediately make the full price payable, regardless of the conditions previously agreed even if the deadlines have given rise to the payment. establishment of acceptable drafts; the same will apply in the event of sale, transfer, pledging or contribution to a company of its business by the Client.

image in network may withhold delivery of the goods concerned until the guarantee of payment is represented. In the event of an outstanding amount, it will only be accepted from € 3,000 excluding VAT for the monthly order and within the authorized limit of your outstanding amount. All the orders that we accept are accepted, taking into account that the Customer presents sufficient financial guarantees and that he will actually pay the sums due when due. In case of refusal by the Customer of cash payment, without any sufficient guarantee being offered by the latter, image in network may refuse to honor the order (s) placed and to deliver the goods concerned. , without the Customer being able to argue for an unjustified refusal to sell, or to claim any compensation.

For any new Customer, the first order must be accompanied by a Kbis extract of less than three months, in order to open an account. In accordance with Article L. 441-6 of the Commercial Code, late payment penalties are due for failure to pay the day following the date of payment which appears on the invoice, without this clause excluding additional damages. . The interest rate for these late payment penalties is five times the legal interest rate.

The Customer may never, on the grounds of a complaint formulated by him, withhold all or part of the sums due by him, nor make any compensation. When the Customer is in arrears of total or partial payment of a due date, image in network may by this sole fact and without the need for a prior notice, immediately suspend deliveries, without the Client cannot claim damages from image in image in network In the event of recourse by litigation, image in network is entitled to claim from the Client the reimbursement of costs of any kind related to the lawsuit and any invoice will be increased by as a non-reducible penalty clause within the meaning of Article 1229 of the Civil Code, compensation fixed at a flat rate of 10% of the amount claimed.

Bank transfer

We accept payment by bank transfer for all orders. Please note that equipment cannot be reserved before payment has been received. If you want to be delivered as quickly as possible and then have the equipment in stock reserved, we recommend that you pay by credit card.

Here are our bench coordinates

areas to make your transfer:

Bank: Credit Agricole

IBAN: FR76 1820 6004 6965 0080 1727 664 - BIC: AGRIFRPP882


My order is billed in Euros (EUR)




IBAN: FR76 1820 6004 6965 0080 1727 664

BIC (SWIFT transfer): AGRIFRPP882

Important: Specify your order number in the description of the operation

Our account in Euros (EUR) being domiciled in France, our customers using an account outside the euro zone are invited to establish an international transfer.

I am making a transfer from an account located in the euro zone Do I have any special costs to bear?

Your bank can only charge the standard rate for a transfer (often free if it is made online, from your bank account, and it rarely exceeds a few euros at the counter). For our customers with a bank account from a member country of the eurozone, no additional costs can be required because it is an international transfer.

How long does it take for my transfer to be taken into account?

Transfers usually reach us within 2 to 4 working days. We will validate this payment D + 1 after receipt (working days): we systematically confirm it by email. 3 to 5 days are therefore generally necessary for the order to be validated after the transfer has been sent.

Bank card

Our site is secure and:

For all your payments by credit card, the transaction is secured by SSL encryption technology. All your payment details are encrypted from your computer to the bank's server. This information remains confidential and cannot be seen or used without your knowledge.


The credit card is debited as soon as the order is confirmed by the 3D secure system.

Virtual bank card

In order to secure your online purchases, some banking establishments allow you to generate single-use virtual bank card numbers for a given amount. We are of course happy to accept payments in this way. However, virtual bank card numbers have limited validity.

Also, unlike other types of payment by credit card, the direct debit will be made when ordering.


Payment in installments with Alma.

If you pay for your order in installments, you accept Alma's customer terms and conditions. as well as the special Alma conditions for IMAGE IN NETWORK customers.

Article 5 - Delivery and transport

Risks and transport

The equipment is always considered as sold, received and accepted in the establishments of image in image in network The risks and dangers of transport (in particular loss, deterioration or theft) are the responsibility of the Customer. It is up to the Customer, in the event of damaged or missing goods, to make all the necessary reservations with the carrier. Any product that has not been the subject of reservations on the transport documents and justified protests by registered letter with return receipt within 3 days of its receipt from the carrier, in accordance with article L. 133-3 of commercial code, a copy of which will be sent simultaneously to image in network, will be considered as accepted by the Customer. The responsibility of image in network can in no way be blamed for facts during transport, destruction, damage, loss, or theft, even if it has chosen the carrier.

Delivery locations

Delivery is made by direct delivery of the goods to the Customer, by sending a notice of availability in the store for the attention of the Customer, by handing over the goods to a carrier, or at the place indicated by the Customer. on the order form.

In the event of absence during delivery, a second presentation, at the Customer's expense, is made by the carrier or its representative; in the event of failure to collect at the indicated place of withdrawal, the material is generally returned to image in network which reserves the right to dispose of the unclaimed material and to postpone to a later date the execution of the order left overdue by the Customer on other hardware.

Delivery is made in mainland France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland. If you live in a country other than those mentioned above, please contact us on +33 (0) 1 84 177 744. The shipping costs remain the responsibility of the customer, and may increase depending on the distance of delivery.

Delivery in DOM-TOM

IMAGE IN NETWORK EUROPE also delivers in the DOM-TOM

Some important information concerning the delivery in the DOM-TOM:

Your order will be invoiced excluding tax

Your order will be shipped by Colissimo Outre-mer or Classic Chronopost or any other carrier allowing us to deliver to you. This choice of carrier will be made during the process.

order sheet *

Your order will be subject to the collection of sea allowances ** by the territorial customs services

You will have to pay these taxes ** and customs clearance fees ** directly to the customs services and the carrier

Delivery delay

Delivery times are indicative and informative; They depend in particular on the availability of products from our suppliers and carriers. image in network strives to meet the delivery times indicated according to the benchmark logistics time in the profession. Even in the event of written acceptance of firm deadlines, image in network-groupe is automatically released from any commitment relating to deadlines in the following cases: technical contingencies, failure of image in network-group suppliers, out of stock, failure of the carrier, force majeure, fortuitous event, inaccuracy or lack of information to be provided by the Customer, delay deferred at the Customer's request, lack of payment or incomplete payment, delays related to customs formalities. If image in network-groupe is unable to supply the product ordered, we will notify you and offer you the delivery of an equivalent product or a credit note of the value of the unavailable product.


Upon receipt of the goods, the Customer must immediately check their condition and their compliance with the contract, in the presence of the carrier. Without prejudice to the arrangements to be made vis-à-vis the carrier, in the event of apparent defects or missing products, any complaint, whatever its nature, relating to the products delivered, will only be accepted by image in network if it is made in writing within 3 days of delivery of the products. It is the Customer's responsibility to provide all the justifications as to the reality of the defects or missing items observed. In this case, the Customer may request the replacement of non-conforming items and / or the addition to be made to fill the gaps at the expense of the in-network image without the Customer being able to claim any compensation or the cancellation of the order. Unreserved receipt of the products ordered covers any apparent or missing defect. The complaint made by the Customer under the conditions and according to the modalities described by this article does not suspend the payment by the Customer of the goods concerned.

Article 6 - Complaints

All complaints, whatever their nature, relating to a defect in the delivered goods, an inaccuracy in the quantities, an apparent defect, a lack, an incorrect reference in relation to the accepted offer or to the confirmation of the order by image in network, must be formulated in writing (to the Technical Department or to your usual contact) within 3 days of receipt of the goods, without neglecting recourse against the carrier, failing which the right to claim will cease to be acquired. It is up to the Customer to provide all the justifications as to the reality of this complaint. The Customer must allow image in network to perform all on-site verification operations relating to complaints.

Article 7 - Return procedure

Labels stuck on all parts are essential for the warranty. The packaging must be kept in perfect condition. Otherwise, the Customer cannot benefit from his right to complain and must pay the sum of € 35 excluding VAT to cover the packaging costs of parts whose original packaging has disappeared or has been excessively damaged.

Any return of merchandise requires the prior agreement of image in network and a return number. The Customer will receive by the means deemed most appropriate by image in network a return agreement.

Customized configurations (workstation, computing server, storage server, Netgate firewall or any other custom product) do not benefit from the right of withdrawal for 14 days in accordance with the consumer code.

The Customer has, after obtaining the return agreement, a period of 14 days to return the defective goods to image in network; If these stipulations are not respected, the returned package will be refused. The return of goods is carried out at the expense of the Customer. On the other hand, the return costs once the after-sales service has been carried out fall on image in network. In the absence of an agreement concerning the return of goods, any returned goods will be made available to the buyer at his own expense and risk, all transport, storage and handling costs being the responsibility of the Customer.

Article 8 - Guarantee and after-sales service

Manufacturer's warranty -

For products with a specific manufacturer's warranty (coverage of the warranty directly by the manufacturer, or on-site warranty, or specific warranty extension), the Customer must contact the manufacturer directly, without going through image in network, which does not provide any contractual guarantee for these products, subject to article

IMAGE IN NETWORK groupe will refuse any return of merchandise in this context and cannot be held responsible for any failure of the manufacturer under this warranty.

Commercial guarantee -

In the absence of a manufacturer's warranty, the products sold are guaranteed for parts and labor, directly by image in network against any material or manufacturing defect for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice, unless specific conditions expressly indicated. ; image in network is only bound by an obligation of means under this guarantee. In the event that the product is immobilized, the warranty will be extended by the time it is immobilized, in the event that this immobilization is greater than 7 days. This period will begin to run from the date of receipt of the product by IMAGE IN NETWORKStore.fr. This warranty is limited to repair and replacement of goods recognized as defective by image in network, taking into account the use made of them and this at the free choice of image in network; The warranty therefore does not cover labor costs, nor those resulting from disassembly, reassembly and transport operations, except in the case of standard exchange.

The image in network after-sales service can only operate within the framework of the image in network guarantee or the legal guarantee. Items with a unit value of less than € 25 excluding VAT are only guaranteed for a period of 6 months from the date of the invoice. Software, books, cartridges and storage media (CD, DVD, etc.), video games, consumables are not guaranteed by image in network. Batteries, LCD monitors, laptop screens are guaranteed within the limits of the Manufacturer's warranty.

Legal guarantee -

Under the warranty against hidden defects or non-compliance, image in network will only be liable for the free replacement or repair of defective goods without the Customer being able to claim damages, for any cause whatever. Our warranty only applies to products which have regularly become the property of the Customer and which are entirely manufactured by image in image in network It is excluded when our products have been used under conditions of use. or unplanned performance. This guarantee only concerns hidden defects; our customers being professionals, the hidden defect is understood as a defect in the product making it unfit for its use and not likely to be detected by the Customer. A design defect is not a hidden defect and our Customers are deemed to have received all the technical information relating to our products.

This warranty is limited to the first 6 months of use. Our warranty automatically ceases at the end of this period and when our Customer has not notified us of the alleged defect within twenty clear days of its discovery. The burden of proof of the date of use of our products and the day of discovery of the defect rests with the Customer. Finally, image in network will not be held to any guarantee of eviction by third parties.

Disclaimer of warranty -

image in network can in no way be held responsible for the loss or alteration of data or programs on the materials or media (floppy disks, hard disks, etc.) that are returned for technical intervention, whether the products are under guaranteed or not. image in network only undertakes to replace defective parts and repair damage to goods supplied to the Customer by it. If the equipment cannot be replaced by identical equipment, the Customer will be offered equivalent or better equipment. In the latter case, the Customer will have to pay for any price difference. Subject to imperative legal provisions, the responsibility of image in network is strictly limited to the obligations defined in these conditions or, where applicable, to the express conditions.

image in network can in no way be held responsible for material and immaterial damage that may occur during the repair. image in network cannot be held responsible under the guarantee for breakdowns or damage resulting directly or indirectly in the following cases: any unprotected or prolonged storage, any negligence, error in connection or handling, maintenance and use of non-compliant equipment the technical specifications of the seller or the manufacturer or, more generally a defective or clumsy use, any addition of additional device or accessory to the equipment or use of any parts necessary for the operation of the equipment that do not comply with the technical specifications of the seller or manufacturer, any modification or mechanical, electronic, electrical or other transformation made to the equipment or its connection devices by any third party.

In the event of bankruptcy or the impossibility of supplying the manufacturer, the Customer may not recourse against image in network, which will not assume any liability for warranty on the products of this manufacturer. image in network accepts no liability for damage resulting from a product defect or repaired by image in network within a reasonable time.

Article 9 - Retention of title

The transfer of ownership of the goods delivered to the Customer will only take place after full payment of the price in principal and ancillary or the receipt of accepted drafts or other securities issued for the purpose of settling the price, even in the event of granting. of payment terms. Any clause to the contrary, in particular inserted in the general conditions of purchase, is deemed unwritten. The Customer undertakes, in the event of a bankruptcy proceeding affecting his business, to actively participate in the establishment of an inventory of the goods in his stocks and of which image in network claims ownership. Failing that, image in network has the option of having the inventory recorded by a bailiff at the expense of the Client.

image in network may prohibit the Customer from reselling, transforming or incorporating the goods in the event of late payment. To guarantee payments not yet made and in particular the balance of the Customer's account in the entries of image in network, it is expressly stipulated that the rights relating to the goods delivered but unpaid will refer to the identical goods coming from image in network in stock at the Customer, without the need to charge payments to a specific sale or delivery. From the date of delivery, the Customer is the custodian and custodian of said goods.

Article 10 - Termination clause

In the event of non-payment and unless we prefer to request the full performance of the sale, we reserve the right to terminate the sale after formal notice, which has remained ineffective within 48 hours, and to claim the delivered goods, the return costs remaining the responsibility of the buyer and the payments made being acquired by us as a penalty clause, without prejudice to any damages that image in network could claim against the Customer.

Article 11 - Liability

Subject to mandatory legal provisions, the total and cumulative liability of image in network, whatever the cause, is limited to the amount paid by the Customer to image in network for the order concerned. Under no circumstances will any indirect and / or intangible or moral damage be entitled to compensation from image in network, namely in particular financial or commercial damage such as loss of profit, loss of control, operating loss, loss of data, loss of profit, damage to image, interruption of service, as well as damage of the same nature resulting from a claim against image in network by the Customer due to damage suffered by a third party. The responsibility of image in network can also not be engaged in the event of the occurrence of any damage to the Customer's data, the latter having to safeguard them at his own expense. This data will in no case be reimplanted by image in network on the equipment in the event of loss. In any event, image in network is released from any liability and cannot be held liable for compensation in cases of force majeure.

Article 12 - Attribution clause and applicable jurisdiction and law

In the event of a dispute, the customer will first contact image in network by contacting our sales department, in order to obtain an amicable solution. Any dispute relating to the formation, execution and termination of contractual obligations between the parties which cannot reach an amicable settlement, will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of NANTERRE in the jurisdiction of which is the seat of image in network, whatever the conditions of sale, the place of order or delivery, and the method of payment accepted, even in the event of a guarantee call or multiple defendants, the seller reserving the right to seize the territorially competent court to which the registered office of the Client falls. The attribution of jurisdiction is general and applies whether it is a main claim, an incidental claim, an action on the merits or an interim relief. In addition, in the event of legal action or any other debt collection action by image in network, the costs of summons, justice, as well as attorney's and bailiff's fees, and all ancillary costs will be borne by the faulty Client, as well as the costs linked or arising from the Client's failure to comply with the terms of payment or delivery of the order considered. The present contract is regulated by French law. The application of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. The fact that image in network does not avail itself at a given time of any of the clauses hereof, cannot be considered as a waiver of subsequently invoking these same clauses.


The data collected makes it possible to perform operations relating to the management of Customers, unpaid debts

and litigation, the development of trade statistics, prospecting and promotional operations, management of opinions. The legal bases for this data processing are respectively the execution of the contract, legitimate interest, consent. The recipients are the services of Our Company, its subcontractors, the authorities and legal auxiliaries legally entitled to receive communication. The data is kept for the time necessary to achieve the aforementioned purposes, and in accordance with the legal retention rules applicable in commercial matters. The Customer benefits from a right of access, rectification, portability and erasure, opposition, withdrawal of consent, limitation of the processing of data concerning him, to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authorities. For more information or to exercise your rights, write to contact@imageinnetwork.fr or to 3 bis rue René Cassin - 91300 Massy. France